ResourcesWA Foundations

We optimise mining and energy projects from a technical and financing perspective, with extensive experience in assessing and “reverse engineering” projects to suit the capital and off-take markets.

Alignment with business drivers

We develop an understanding of what the principle drivers for a project are, then deliver a unique combination of technical, analytical and financial lenses to anticipate and solve problems.

Agile commercial structures

Our expertise in financing structures and equity relationships allow us to examine a number of differing structures that other consultancies have not embraced.

Best Player Plays

This is our mentality when providing a team to oversee your project. We have a strong director group and an extensive global network of professionals to draw upon.

Recent News

ResourcesWA partner with iHandover to improve operational handovers
25 Sep 12:27 am

ResourcesWA and iHandover have partnered to resolve a problem inherent not only in mining, but in all...

Strategic partnership formed with TikForce
31 Jan 07:16 am

ResourcesWA are pleased to announce a new commercial agreement with TikForce Limited. As part of this agreement, TikForce...

Seeking dynamic and motivated individuals
11 Nov 02:33 am

  Resources WA are a forward thinking and contemporary resources focused company.   Our delivery approach closes...

Deep expertise…
18 Oct 03:51 am

The ResourcesWA team had the pleasure of taking the Resolute Mining Limited Exec team across to NSW...

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